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Sabah Map

Map of Sabah

Sabah Map

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Situated at the northern part on the island of Borneo, the state of Sabah covers an area of approximately 74, 500 square kilometers. Its coastline goes on for 14,400 kilometers and is constantly tormented by the South China Sea in the west, the Sulu Sea in the northeast and the Celebes Sea in the east. Its sister state, Sarawak proves a reliable neighbor but Kalimantan (which is a province of Indonesia), Brunei Darussalam and The Philippines are also not too far off as well.

Positioned just north of the equator, Sabah enjoys a constant sunshine everyday all year round. Dawn break is around 6am and sunset is at about 6pm, local time of GMT+8. Sabah boasts a tropical climate of high humidity, about 70%-90% with consistent temperatures averaging from 23C to 33C. The only exception would be the majestic Mount Kinabalu, temperatures at the peak could drop as low as 0C if anyone tends to venture that high. Calm silver clouds infest the blue skied background all year round but are ever changing. Rain is no stranger and is unbiased. The monsoon ushers in the wet season, replenishing the vegetation and filling the mighty rivers. The rainy season begins in October and ends around February (North East Monsoon) and the South West Monsoon, from March to September are the drier months. Even though, there is an apparent wet season, rain is unpredictable and at times wild and dont be too surprised if it pours heavily during the drier periods.

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